Integrated Financial Services...It's What We Do

Tax planning, financial planning and investment management. The three are profoundly interdependent, yet far too often managed individually and without coordination. It’s an issue that often only comes to light as income and asset levels rise, and clients begin to realize the extent of tax money left on the table and the lack of tax-efficiency in their investment portfolio.

After years of working as tax advisors for our clients and providing detailed recommendations to their financial advisors for tax loss harvesting and suggestions for the creation of more tax-efficient investment portfolios, we came to the realization that to do it right, we needed to do it in-house.

While our tax and wealth management businesses function completely independently, we believe those clients who have opted to work with both firms have come to appreciate the synergies. We also believe there’s a tremendous sense of relief and peace of mind that comes with knowing they have a single-source solution that provides continuous oversight from a closely integrated team of qualified professionals in constant collaboration.

At Beaird Harris, simplifying your financial affairs and instilling confidence in the future is the principal mission that drives us to excel each and every day.