As many of you will recall, September of 2008 was one of the scariest months in stock market history.  On September 12, 2008, the S&P 500 closed at 1,251.70, down just over 20% from its all time high the previous October.   On Sunday night, September 14, 2008, Lehman Brothers filed what was and still is the largest bankruptcy in U.S....

At Beaird Harris, one of our primary goals is to provide a successful investment experience. That means more than considering investment returns. It means offering peace of mind knowing that a transparent approach backed by decades of research is powering every decision. The goal is to help people be prepared, so they can stick with their plan. In most...

With school back in session in most of the country, many parents are likely thinking about how best to prepare for their children’s future college expenses. Now is a good time to sharpen one’s pencil for a few important lessons before heading back into the investing classroom to tackle the issue. THE CALCULUS OF PLANNING FOR FUTURE COLLEGE EXPENSES...
Tax Reform - Meals & Entertainment Update

On January 12th, 2018, we posted Tax Reform - Meals & Entertainment, which addressed Tax Reform’s elimination of the deduction for most entertainment expenses. We also discussed our initial impression of whether the deduction for certain business meals was also lost with Tax Reform.  Since that time there have been a number of encouraging...
2018 Tax Law

As we shared in a previous blog, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which became law on December 22, 2017, created a new deduction often referred to as the “Section 199A or Pass-Through Deduction.”  This allows certain taxpayers to take a personal tax deduction of up to 20% of the “Qualified Business Income” of various businesses and/or investments...
Backdoor Roth Contributions

Roth IRAs For Everyone—Even The Well Paid After the new tax law, Roth IRAs are officially available to even more people. We have cautiously broached the backdoor Roth contribution strategy with many of our clients over the years and a fair number have taken advantage of it.  The primary concern has been whether the IRS would impose the Step...

“The important thing about an investment philosophy is that you have one you can stick with.” - David Booth Founder and Executive Chairman Dimensional Fund Advisors Combining an enduring investment philosophy with a simple formula that helps maintain investment discipline can increase the odds of having a positive financial experience. An...
Phishing Scam

The fraudsters are at it again and this time they're posing as Charles Schwab. In a new wave of phishing attempts, you may receive fraudulent emails that appear to be sent by Schwab.  Pay close attention as there have been several variations of these new phishing emails attempted. The most common email references an e-payment and security notice...

Effective May 31, 2018, access to add-on services (such as payroll services, credit card and check processing, bill pay, online bank downloads, and many other important services) will be discontinued for QuickBooks Desktop 2015 (Windows and Mac). This includes all versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2015 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions, Accountant Edition,...
Sailing with the Tides

Embarking on a financial plan is like sailing around the world. The voyage won’t always go as planned, and there’ll be rough seas, but the odds of reaching your destination increase greatly if you are prepared, flexible, patient, and well-advised. A mistake many inexperienced sailors make is setting sail without having first charted their course. They...