Benefits to Keep You Balanced

At Beaird Harris, we understand that your benefits package extends far beyond your paycheck and includes a range of benefits, perks, learning opportunities, your work environment, etc. - all of which play an important role when choosing a firm.  We have worked hard to make sure our benefits reflect the changing needs and wants of our team.  And, to ensure that Beaird Harris remains competitive we regularly benchmark our benefits against those of other leading companies, both in and outside of our industry.  Our goal is to empower you with the resources, incentives, and flexibility you need to enjoy success on the job and at home.

Beaird Harris is widely recognized as a "best place to work" for offering one of the strongest and most competitive compensation and benefits packages in the country. We start with competitive pay, then we add on several unique offerings that might surprise you.

  • Base Salary

    Your base salary compensates you for the value you bring to the firm and for meeting the firm’s day-to-day expectations. We offer base pay that is competitive and based on experience.

  • Annual Performance Based Bonus

    Our annual performance bonus plan is based on firm, line of service, and individual performance throughout the year. Our bonus plan provides an opportunity for all staff to share in the success of the firm, and increase their share of wallet through strong individual performance and contributions.

  • Credential Bonus

    We offer incentives to those who obtain their CPA and/or CFP® or other industry credentials. For those taking and passing the CPA or CFP® exam, you’ll be eligible for a $4,500 bonus to be applied towards tuition, prep courses and exam fees – whatever you don’t spend is yours to keep!

  • Referral Bonus

    Our success depends on maintaining and growing a quality team. If you refer a qualified candidate from your personal or professional network who is hired full-time, we’ll compensate you for each referral up to $5,000 based on the experience level of the candidate.

  • Retirement Savings Plan

    • Participate in our Traditional and/or Roth 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans (eligibility limits apply). The firm offers a competitive matching and profit sharing contribution to all eligible employees. While the employer match and profit sharing contributions are discretionary; we haven’t missed a year yet!
  • Healthcare Coverage

    • Beaird Harris offers two choices of medical plans through UnitedHealthcare. Each plan provides flexibility to access in-network and out-of-network doctors and facilities. The premiums, deductible and coinsurance vary depending on which plan you enroll in. Preventative care is covered at 100% with network doctors in both plans. In addition, a tax-efficient Health Savings Account and Limited-Use Flexible Spending Account is available with the High Deductible plan, whereas a tax-efficient Flexible Spending account is available with the PPO plan.
      • Prescription drug benefits are available through Beaird Harris’s UnitedHealthcare medical plan options.
      • Vision care coverage enables you to obtain services and purchase eyeglasses and lenses at reduced rates from more than 60,000 providers nationwide.
      • Optional Dental coverage is available covering 100% of preventative care, 80% of basic care and 50% of major care and ortho care.*

        * Please refer to the current year benefits summary for full details. Limitations apply as minimum participation levels must be met.

  • Healthcare Concierge

    • Beaird Harris has engaged Compass Health to help our team make simpler, smarter healthcare choices. Compass’s unique, simplified approach to transparency uses proprietary price and quality data analytics to make massive amounts of healthcare data actionable by everyday healthcare consumers. Combining powerful decision support technology that understands a consumer's unique needs with the personal engagement of our Compass Health Pro™ consultant team, Compass empowers our team to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system with better information and smarter alternatives that save time, money and frustration. Let's face it, healthcare is complex.
    • Compass is available to help in the following areas:
      • Understand Insurance Benefits - Receive guidance selecting a healthcare plan and understanding benefits throughout the year.
      • Save Money on Medical Care - Get price comparisons before receiving care. Depending on the doctor, hospital or facility, costs can vary by hundreds or thousands of dollars—even in-network.
      • Get Help with Medical Bills - Have your medical bills reviewed to make sure you are not overcharged.
      • Find a Great Doctor - Find the best doctors, dentists and eye care professionals in your area who meet your personal preferences and healthcare needs.
      • Pay Less for Prescriptions - Let Compass compare medication prices and explore lower-cost options for you.
  • Life & Accidental Insurance

    • Basic Group Term Life Insurance pays $50,000.
    • Supplemental Life Insurance is available to you, and Dependent Life Insurance for your spouse and children is available if you choose coverage for yourself.*
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance for you, your spouse and your children is available. AD&D pays benefits in the event you (or your spouse or children) are seriously injured in or die from an accident.*

      * Please refer to the current year benefits summary for full details. Limitations apply as minimum participation levels must be met.

  • Beaird Harris Tax & Financial Services

    • Enjoy all the tax and wealth management services the firm offers free of charge. Whenever you’re ready to engage in proactive tax or wealth management services our team stands ready to serve, at no cost to you. Visit the “Individuals & Families” section of our website to learn more about our tax and financial services offerings.
  • Holiday

    • 7 Paid US Holidays Each Year
    • 1 Annual Holiday Shopping Day Each Year
  • Paid Time Off (“PTO”)

    • We don’t bifurcate between paid time off and sick leave; rather, you’re allocated PTO to be used however is best for you and your family. PTO can be used by the hour or in full day increments.
      • Full-Time staff accrues 15 workdays per year; after five years of service, full-time staff accrue 20 workdays per year.
  • Continuing Education

    The firm will pay for up to 40 hours per year of continuing education coursework that is preapproved by your manager.

  • Internal Learning & Development

    The firm regularly brings in outside consultants to help hone the technical and soft skills for staff at all levels.

  • Work/Life Benefits

    • Reduced Summer Hours

      We recognize that the hours during tax season can be brutal; however, outside of tax season we want to make sure you’re able to catch-up on family time. Outside of tax season:

      • Our CPA Staff rotates Friday’s; otherwise they enjoy four day, 36 hour work weeks.
      • Our Client Service Staff works one Friday per month; otherwise, they enjoy four day, 36 hour work weeks.
      • Our Wealth Management Staff works until noon on Fridays.
    • Flexible Hours

      We’re not your run-of-the-mill 8:00 to 5:00 shop. While our team is expected to be here during our core 9:00 to 4:00 business hours, we’re otherwise flexible if you want to get here early or stay late to avoid traffic, so long as you get your expected number of hours in.

    • Remote Access Capabilities

      Baring any client meetings or deadline weeks, our CPA Staff is allowed to work remotely one to two days each week depending on experience and productivity; our Wealth Management Staff can work remotely one day per month.

    • Milestone Awards

      In celebration of career milestones, we recognize individual staff members with a gift for every fifth year of service. Through these awards, we celebrate the successes and achievements of those being recognized. Our Managing Shareholder typically shares a few words about each individual and presents them with a gift at our annual April 15th Tax Party. Each gift is specifically tailored to suit the staff member and takes into consideration what they may value most during this phase of their life.

    • Real-Time Recognition

      Our Beaird Harris Bucks program was designed to allow our management team, and your peers alike, the opportunity to show sincere appreciation for the many things you do day-in and day-out, including highly exceptional discretionary effort and impact in providing client service that goes above and beyond the high expectations of your position. Semi-annually, Bucks can be redeemed for a variety of Beaird Harris swag.

  • Other Work/Life Benefits

    • April 15th & October 15th Tax Parties*
    • Christmas Party*
    • Annual Firm/Family Outings
    • Tax Season Chair Massages
    • Fully Stocked Pantry
    • Saturday Lunches During Tax Season
    • Lunches & Dinner During Deadline Weeks
    • Free Garage Parking
    • Monthly Birthday Celebrations
    • Monthly Jeans Day

    * Significant Others Are Encouraged to Attend