With So Many Ways to Contribute Here,
Chances are Good You'll Find a Way to do What You Love.

You have big plans for your future. But deciding on the right path can be a daunting decision.

Should you go it alone? Trying to juggle everything that running a business entails, while jumping through regulatory hoops? Or would you be better off joining a large broker-dealer network? Hoping that in exchange for resources and support, you somehow don’t end up another cog forced to push product rather than provide planning solutions? 

At Beaird Harris, we don’t believe you should ever have to compromise your vision or your values in order to build a successful practice. Individual freedom to manage client relationships as you see fit.  The support and insights of a community of like-minded peers. The resources and wherewithal to invest in your ongoing success. Those are the qualities that allow entrepreneurial advisors to thrive here. We never take your success for granted – we take it personally.