If you would like your 2018 business tax return to be completed by the extended filing deadline, we must receive your tax information by Thursday, August 1st. 

We have set this deadline in fairness to all of our clients so we can provide you with the quality and service you deserve.  If you have extenuating circumstances or concerns that you won't be able to make the cutoff, please contact us now so we can make sure you are taken care of.  

Data needed before we can start your 2018 business return:

  • Financial Statements or QuickBooks
    • ALL bank accounts and credit cards should be reconciled through December 31, 2018.
      • Desktop Version Users – please send an Accountant’s Review Copy to your tax advisor through SafeSend (also accessible via your tax advisor's email signature).
      • QuickBooks Online Users – please contact your tax advisor once your file is reconciled and ready to go.
      • If Beaird Harris does your bookkeeping, you can skip this step.​​
  • Payroll Reports
    • If Beaird Harris does not prepare your quarterly/annual payroll reports please send us the following items:
      • Quarterly Forms 941 and C-3s
      • Annual Forms 940, W-3, W-2s, 1096, and 1099s
  • ​​Loans
    • For any loans, please provide a statement that shows 2018 principal and interest activity, as well as the ending balance as of December 31, 2018.
    • If you took out a new loan in 2018 or refinanced any existing loans, please send copies of the loan agreement.​​
  • Large Equipment Purchases
    • If you made any large equipment purchases (more than $2500), please provide us with a copy of the vendor receipt, as well as any financing information, if applicable.  This applies to car purchases as well as building or remodeling projects.  
  • Other Important Need-to-Know Information
    • If you do business in multiple states, please provide details of revenues, payroll, and rents by state.
    • Any changes to the business in 2018 or coming in 2019 that we need to know about?  As always, please let us know.  
    • Texas Franchise WebFile number - please provide a copy of the statement sent to you by Texas.
    • County Rendition Report - please provide us with the pre-printed form sent to you by the county if you wish for us to prepare this report.

If you have any questions about the above list please contact your tax advisor.  Please also keep in mind our extended personal tax return cutoff date is Thursday, August 15th, to file by the October 15th deadline.                          

View More Important Dates at www.bh-co.com/dates