Learn more about our services, investment philosophy, portfolio design and fiduciary standards through the following position papers.

To expose the many shortcomings of the conventional approach and provide a road map to investing success, our white paper, Evidence-Based Investing (EBI), and this brief summary of the paper illustrate the methods and conclusions of EBI. The goal of EBI is to maximize after-tax returns for the individual investor while minimizing risk and protecting portfolios from market downturns. Approaching a problem or a set of questions from an evidence-based point of view has profoundly affected the field of medicine, and now investing. EBI offers a way to answer investment questions in a systematic, analytical, and scientific manner as described in the four steps of our Evidence-Based Investing Summary.

Fiduciary matters are matters of trust. In a world rife with corporate scandals, unethical trading and misleading sales practices, knowing where to place your trust can be difficult to discern. How do you equip yourself to recognize the proper level of advisory service? What measuring stick should you use? This paper offers guidelines while educating you about investment professionals who hold themselves to one of the highest standards of trust in the industry: that of a fiduciary.