A Planning Process that Adapts to You, 
Not the Other Way Around

Long hours, late nights. You’ve worked tirelessly to achieve success. Unfortunately, that often means little time to plan for your own financial security and that of your family. At Beaird Harris, our fundamental goal is to help bring clarity, focus and simplicity to your complex, multi-faceted financial life. We’re committed to an unwavering set of fiduciary principles that mandate always ensuring your needs come first.

No matter where you are in life – just starting out, in your peak earning years, approaching retirement, addressing your legacy or preparing for a major life change – our holistic WealthGuide® Planning Process is designed to help prioritize your short- and long-term goals (needs, wants and wishes) and align individual strategies to help achieve them.

Deploying the latest tools and relying on decades of practical experience, we’ll not only work with you to build your vision of an ideal future, we’ll provide continuous guidance and oversight to keep you on track while efficiently integrating your planning, investment and tax decisions.