Evidence-Based Investing

Extensive academic research, a strict adherence to process and a thorough analysis of time-tested scientific data – those are the foundation of our investment management approach. Our clients are not speculative, high-risk investors. All are concerned with preserving capital, growing assets and avoiding the myriad of risks that abound in today’s investment environment.

We employ a disciplined scientific investment strategy born out of Nobel Prize winning academic research rather than the boiler rooms of Wall Street – one focused on broad global diversification, sound asset allocation principles and a goal of assuming the least amount of investment risk required to achieve your objectives.

In addition to a fee-only structure, our in-house CPAs allow us to fully consider the tax ramifications of each and every investment decision. As a result, estate and tax planning are never an after-thought, but rather an integral part of the investment process.

Our Eight Principles of Investing

Our evidence-based approach is both deliberate and scientific and our strategy is founded on these tried-and-true principles:

  • 1
    Markets Are Remarkably Efficient

    The likelihood of consistently "beating the market” is unlikely.

  • 2
    Asset Allocation is Critical

    The right mix of equities, fixed income, and alternatives can make all the difference between investment success and failure.

  • 3
    Markets Are Unpredictable

    We avoid market timing because it adds speculative risk, excessive costs, and needless tax.

  • 4
    Broad Diversification is Vital

    We build portfolios designed to maximize long-term return while controlling risk.

  • 5
    Take a Global Approach

    A globally diversified portfolio is key to capturing returns across all markets.

  • 6
    Maximize Tax Efficiency 

    Our goal is to employ multiple strategies to assure maximum tax efficiency and minimize needless tax.

  • 7
    Eliminate Excessive Costs

    The only thing guaranteed in investing is that you will keep more if you spend less.

  • 8
    Systematically Rebalance

    Portfolio vigilance helps reduce risk and capture long-term market returns.

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